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Free give away week starting today.
And we did it, yay! Now we can supply ourselves and mooch off of other people who are further along! :sick:
Just a little ways to go for out current research lab project, and we can actually start upgrading the thing. Help please guys! We get extra TRAIT slots for completing this thing!
Come on guys, the research lab only needs one more thing filled up to complete its next upgrade! It only takes a second if your time!
Come help build the research lab doods!!!
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Log in to claim your account-unlock Future Flyer, Marty!  It uses a mere 1.21 GIGAWATTS (1.21 GIGAWATTS?!?!) of power.  Only available until 10/26/15- after that time, you'll need a time-traveling deLorean to ever claim this flyer again (allegedly).

Best wishes for happy hovering!

Season 11

Vesyn posted Aug 28, 15


Vesyn posted Apr 21, 15

5 Year Anniversary

Vesyn posted Jan 26, 15

January 29th to February 26th!